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NEW Delta 9 THC Drinks – Passion Fruit

DELTA Cannabis Water - Passion Fruit

Upgrade your Delta-9 THC experience with DELTA Cannabis Water, the ultimate alternative to smoking. Enjoy the benefits of live resin without smoking. Infused with top-shelf delta 9 THC, expect a mouth-watering high.

  • Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC infused (the same active ingredient found in marijuana)
  • 20mg THC per can
  • Fast acting (feel effects within 5 minutes!)
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • Live Resin infused for an authentic cannabis experience
  • Minimal Ingredients
  • Balanced Blend of THC to CBD
  • Stronger than traditional 20mg of THC (high absorption rate)
  • Light and refreshing taste
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We created DELTA Cannabis Water to revolutionize cannabis consumption, making it accessible and enjoyable for all adults. Harnessing years of research, we’ve crafted a product blending crisp water with high-quality Delta-9 THC, using all-natural ingredients. Our partners, pioneers in ethical and sustainable cultivation, assure the highest quality cannabis. Welcome to a new era of convenience, wellness, and enjoyment with DELTA Cannabis Water.


Everyone’s Delta 9 THC tolerance is unique, so start small with DELTA Cannabis Water – try a quarter of a can as your starter dose. After 30-60 minutes, assess how you’re feeling and take it from there. Feeling bold? Feel free to tackle the whole can – if you’re up for the challenge! Leftovers? They can chill in the fridge or you can share the fun with friends. Bottoms up!

  • What is Delta 9 THC?

    Delta 9 THC, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found abundantly in cannabis plants. It’s usage has increased in popularity, and it can be found at main stream retailers and dispensaries across the country.

  • What is Delta 9 Live Resin?

    Delta 9 Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that is known for its high levels of THC and rich flavor profile. It is made by flash-freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants to preserve the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, then extracting the resin using a solvent. The resulting concentrate is then purged of any residual solvents, leaving behind a sticky, aromatic resin that is rich in Delta-9 THC. Due to the high terpene content and fresh, flavorful aroma, Delta-9 Live Resin is a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts looking for a potent and flavorful experience.

  • How long does it typically take for orders to ship?

    Orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 3-5 business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Amanda Cook
Awesome brews!!

These are literally amazing and strong even for those with a high tolerance!! I highly recommend!!

Brian Streit
1 Star=Haters

Michael and John, come on.....1 Star??
Especially John! 1 Star but you start the review with a genuine "I love..."?? Cool, you like another flavor better. Does that make this only worth one star? ... Of you're a hater, yeah. Do better, John.
Joe and Cassandra are on thin ice with those 2 stars too. Oh you didn't think I noticed that too? I also noticed how Cassandra didn't even provide what kind of difference they were talking about. The taste, the feeling, difference from other products, what? I wanna know, Cassandra.
I use about 10mg daily for the gym and about 20 mg most evenings in liquid or gummy form. Drank the first over a period of about 20 min, started my second about 20 min after that, and about 30 min after (1hr 10 min) I was feeling great and the taste was comparative to a hard seltzer but with better taste... In my opinion. I had a calmly euphoric, low to mid level high that plateaud just below that unless I drank more. I drank 3 in an hour a few days later and I felt AMAZING yet markedly less useful to my day for a while 😂. Thank you Delta and thank you Michael, John, Cassandra, and Joe for being good sports... Hopefully hahaha.

Tim Shields

Great drink, definitely full fills it’s promise

Michael Davis

I drank 1 delta 9 can and felt nothing. If you're a daily smoker, just go to your local head shop. They'll have better pricing and higher quality, even if you're in a nonlegal state.

garry wood
Great Product

Best drink on the market in my opinion. Super fast shipping.


DELTA Cannabis Water contains hemp-derived THC which is in accordance with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (SEC. 12619.). This product should not be consumed by children or women who are pregnant. Must be 21 years or older to purchase. Do not share with minors. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should not use any information provided to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses. The products listed on this website are not intended or to be used to treat any type of medical condition. This product is derived from hemp and is compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. This product contains less than 0.3% THC. Enjoy Responsibly.