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    Blood Orange
    Brian G.
    Just what the doctor ordered!

    I was Medically Retired after nearly 25 years in the Army. The doctors were prescribing me Vicodin Pain Killers for over 10 years. My mother asked me to get off of the Opiods and find a Cannabis product that helps. Well between my Hot Tub and a couple of these daily my quality of life has improved. I like that there is 10 MG of CBD in combination with the 20 MG Delta 9 THC. Both Blood Orange and the Passion Fruit are great bit I am liking the Blood Orange more. At this point I am also liking Delta Water more than Delta 9 gummies because the onset time is much shorter drinking Delta Water. I am so Happy that this product is available in Texas! Thanks Delta!


    Tastes great! Packs a punch!


    We love it. Tasty and refreshing!!

    Passion Fruit
    kevin g.
    Fruit report

    good after taste. Nice mild high. Slight cotton mouth the next day.
    Had 4-5 oz than 40 minutes, later the rest, 5-7 oz. Like the 20mg THC 2 mg CBD
    over the brand with 20 mg THC and 10 mg CBD

    Passion Fruit
    Joey A.

    Tastes great, feels good.

    We love it!

    We will definitely order more. The price is fair, order was here fast and we’ll be taking a break from gummies!

    Delta Blood Orange and Passion Fruit

    These drinks are LEGIT. They taste good and give an amazing, relaxing high. My husband and I enjoyed the effects for hours! We consumed 1 beverage over 1 hour. Would definitely recommend!

    Tropical Mango
    Louise M.
    Exactly what I was looking for

    Having ditched alcohol in the new year this has changed my evening downtime. I feel relaxed, get a great sleep and wake feeling fantastic!

    Passion Fruit
    Jeffrey R.

    pleasantly surprised. Taste is above average, effect WAY above average!!

    Love it!!

    Blood Orange
    Kendra M.
    Love this!

    So glad I found this product! As someone alcohol free who tries to maintain a low carb/low sugar lifestyle, this is perfect! Nice buzz, good flavor, will definitely be ordering more!

    Blood Orange
    Richard B.

    I haven’t received it yet

    Really good! I was surprised!

    Blood Orange
    Lisa L.
    Nice and Mellow

    Great, natural flavor without funky artificial sweeteners. 1/2 can will do nicely!


    Oh my! How cannabis has evolved ! This product is amazing! I was a skeptic but after doing some research and reading blogs on cannabis infused drinks, this brand came out number 1! Really effective and potent enough to relax you and really give you the sensation of “chill” vibes. I bought the 20g cannabis cans and 1/2 is all I needed to take effect! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants the “buzz” instead of the hangover ! Thank you Delta folks! Shopping and Shipping was very efficient and timely! Drinks like a soda! So be careful! It’s so yummy, you want to chug the whole can, but I advise you to drink 1/3 first ! Cheers to the new chill.


    Delta Blood Orange is a great substitute for alcohol. One usually does the trick in about an hour. Two will give you a nice euphoric feeling.

    Passion Fruit
    Barbara B.
    Oh what a feeling

    I personally enjoyed the Delta Orans, and favorite is Passion Fruit. The flavors are great and after two cans, oh what a feeling!!


    I ordered one pack of each and love them all!! Never much of a seltzer drinker as I am not a fan of sweet drinks BUT cutting out alcohol and wanted something to help chill out in the evening. These aren’t too sweet or bubbly (sometime I will cut with some club soda to stretch it out farther) and I love that the effects subtly kick in faster than an edible would. Definitely pace yourself on the orange and passionfruit if you’re a newb though 😉

    Blood Orange
    Jamie N.

    Smooth and love it!!

    Blood Orange
    Lisa C.D.
    Love the taste

    Excellent product on the strong side (what I needed). Light flavor. Will definitely buy again!

    Passion Fruit
    Eric F.

    Passion Fruit

    Blood Orange
    Todd H.
    Hits just right!

    Excellent flavor and a very relaxing take the edge off without the alcohol! Luv it!

    Passion Fruit
    Michael A.

    Passion Fruit

    Blood Orange
    Great experience!

    This product is awesome, though a bit too strong even for an experienced user. I really appreciate how it was packaged and all information provided on the can.

    Tropical Mango
    Elaine E.

    Tropical Mango

    Tropical Mango
    Chris G.
    Nice and relaxing

    Enjoyed the delta light , about 2 and a half of them is the perfect amount