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    From Booze to Buds: How Cannabis and CBD-Drinks are Replacing Alcohol

    February 22, 2024

    • Society’s relationship with alcohol has shifted since the mid-2010s, with health concerns and wellness trends driving a move toward alternative alcohol-free products.
    • An increased awareness of alcohol-related health issues and a growing cultural prioritization of self-care over social pressures contribute to this shift.
    • Millennials and Gen Z are consuming less alcohol, choosing more authentic social interactions, and making distinct choices about their lifestyles.
    • The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, along with its portrayal in media, are changing social norms and reducing the stigma associated with cannabis consumption.
    • Companies have responded to changing consumer behavior by introducing a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including cannabis and CBD infused drinks, that offer relaxation without the side effects of alcohol.


    It is astonishing to think how much of a cultural shift there has been away from alcohol since the mid-2010s. Whether it’s to do with the increased understanding of the risks and detrimental health effects of booze or a general desire for wellness, people of all ages are seeking out alternatives to alcohol.

    Arguably, the biggest shake-up to the anti-alcohol revolution has been the rise in popularity, acceptance, and availability of cannabis and CBD-infused drinks. 

    How are hemp drinks taking over? That’s exactly what we are going to explain in this article. 

    How Our Relationship With Alcohol Has Changed

    There is no single reason why more and more people are moving away from alcohol. It has been a gradual and “long-time-coming” culmination of various factors.

    Overall Health

    First and foremost has been the growing awareness of the health issues associated with alcohol consumption. The most serious being liver disease, obesity, and mental health concerns. To the latter, we should also acknowledge those who are breaking the cycle of generational alcoholism through an increase in mental health awareness, thanks in large part to social media. 

    Wellness Trends

    Then, we have wellness trends. Say what you will about the relentless onslaught of wellness influencers online. Wellness culture has influenced people to adopt healthier lifestyles. This includes cutting back and stopping their alcohol consumption entirely. Many now prioritize self-care over social pressures and are more mindful of what they put into their bodies. 

    Millennials Gen Z

    In total contrast to the youths of anybody over the age of 30, Millennials and Gen Z’ers appear to be drinking far less alcohol compared to previous generations. We could put this down to financial considerations and health concerns, but it is more likely down to a desire for more authentic social interactions and making distinct choices. 

    Cannabis Legalization

    In many regions of the US and around the world, the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use have provided an alternative to alcohol. That and the normalization of cannabis use in TV shows and movies have contributed to shifting public opinion towards the cannabis plant. A gradual reduction in the stigma surrounding cannabis use has coincided with a decline in the stigma associated with not drinking in social situations. 

    Socialization Changes

    Social norms have also radically changed. No longer is it “cool” to go out and get trashed with your mates. Instead, people are turning to wellness retreats, fitness classes, and sober social events as an alternative to alcohol-centric gatherings. Cannabis is also inherently connected with relaxation and mood enhancements as opposed to the social side effects of excessive alcohol consumption. 

    Marketing and Product Innovation

    Finally, we have the simple fact that companies have responded to this change in consumer behavior by introducing a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, including cannabis and CBD-infused drinks.

    What Are Cannabis and CBD Drinks?

    Cannabis and CBD-infused drinks are alcohol-free beverages that contain varying amounts of CBD and THC derived from hemp. Thanks to changes in legislation, such as the 2018 Farm Bill, these drinks are now legal, provided they are made from hemp.

    The cannabis plant is classified based on its THC content. Over 0.3% is marijuana, and below is hemp. This low THC content means that hemp is rich in CBD, making it the primary source of CBD products.

    The legal shift has opened up a world of possibilities, with these drinks now available in various flavors and formats, including sparkling waters, teas, coffees, and mocktails. They contain compounds derived from the cannabis plant, namely CBD and THC. CBD is widely renowned for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties that offer relaxation without the psychedelic effects of THC.

    One of the appealing aspects of cannabis and CBD-infused drinks is the ability to choose the level of CBD or THC content, catering to individual preferences and tolerances. People are turning to cannabis drinks as a way of unwinding without the hangover or other drawbacks associated with alcohol, like sleep disturbance and excessive calorie intake.

    Replace Drinking with Drinking

    One of the greatest insights we have found from our many happy customers is that they have turned to Cannabis Water to help them quit alcohol. The reasons to quit are long, be it family history, health issues, or the pandemic, which caused a surge in alcohol dependence, particularly among those struggling mentally or with losing their jobs due to lockdown orders.

    Fortunately now, in 2024, the market is awash with cannabis and CBD products that you can buy in stores or online across the US. With the cost of a can of cannabis water or CBD-infused beverage being about the same as a beer or even less, it provides an option that is both cost-effective and significantly better for possible improved mental health and overall well-being. 

    If you are new to cannabis drinks and aren’t sure where to start or what concentrations to choose, check out this handy guide for cannabis drink dosing

    We have created a special range of recipes to suit everyone. From the cannabis-curious Delta Light to the deeply relaxing Blood Orange or the euphoric buzz of Passion Fruit Cannabis Water, we are sure you will find the perfect pairing to help you say goodbye to alcohol. 

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