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    Why Does Cannabis Water Need CBD?

    February 1, 2024

    In the world of weed, edibles, and cannabis water, your choice is not just about getting high. It is about the type of THC – indica for chill vibes and sativa for an energetic boost. But what role does CBD play? It may not get you high, but it can moderate the psychoactive side of weed.

    So, if you are into stress relief without the intense high, you might want to continue reading.

    Why Does Cannabis Need THC and CBD?

    We all know and love the feeling of being high, buzzed, and energized. It helps people in a variety of different ways, from reducing anxiety to increasing productivity, for pain relief, or as a sleep aid. Some people also just like to get high!

    The mass adoption of cannabis into mainstream culture has also opened up more people’s eyes to the diversity of strengths and strains available and how they create different sensations for us. This is the psychoactive part!

    A lot of people who get high just for the heck of it often aren’t aware of different cannabis varieties, and they’re missing out because of it. You can potentially get more health benefits from cannabis by knowing which strains help you feel how you want to feel. 

    To put it simply, there are two types of THC – indica and sativa. Indica is the more relaxing (indica = in da couch), and sativa is the more uplifting and buzzy type. Seasoned cannabis users tend to have a preference for one or the other.

    Then we have the elephant in the room – CBD.

    How Do THC and CBD Affect Us?

    The cannabis plant naturally contains a huge number of cannabinoids, but THC and CBD are the most abundant. These cannabinoids bind with endocannabinoid receptors in our brains, but there are also receptors throughout the body. 

    The endocannabinoid system is a complex network of cell signaling within the human body that helps maintain stability in vital processes like sleep, temperature, and mood. It is one of the most important physiological systems for maintaining health.

    These two main cannabinoids have a fundamental difference – THC is a psychotropic chemical, and CBD isn’t. This is why one gets you high, and the other doesn’t – or also why your inlaws take CBD drops like it’s just another supplement. 

    Our brain has two main endocannabinoid receptors, the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptor is responsible for most of the mind-altering effects of cannabinoids, while the CB2 receptor mainly deals with reducing inflammation and the immune system.

    THC has a strong affinity with the CB1 receptor, whereas CBD does not bind with either receptor in the same way and therefore does not cause a high. It does still have mind-altering effects, but they are not so powerful.

    Why Does Weed Contain CBD?

    All THC products contain an amount of CBD. They are both present in all strains of cannabis and are naturally complementary. This means that when you have a very high level of THC, there will be a comparatively low amount of CBD – as little as 0.1%. Vice versa, cannabis that contains lower quantities of THC naturally has a greater percentage of CBD.  

    The two cannabinoids we are mostly aware of in cannabis are THC and CBD. It also contains over 60 other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytochemicals that work together synergistically to produce a more significant and holistic benefit than any of these compounds in isolation. 

    Put simply, various components of the cannabis plant work with each other to enhance the overall therapeutic effects. 

    When we consume cannabis that has a higher percentage of CBD, it binds with the receptors in our brain and blocks some of the THC, which mitigates the psychoactive properties of THC, making you feel less high. 

    It all comes down to perception.

    A lot of people associate being high with feeling less stressed and anxious. It can also be intense focus and total engagement with doing something. Some people use sativa while training because it reduces their perception of pain, and others find it easier to relax and watch television at night. 

    The good news is that consuming CBD doesn’t prevent any of these sensations. Instead, it tones them down a little while still providing the anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits and helping reduce inflammation. That makes it a huge plus for people who don’t enjoy the sensation of being high but want to reap the benefits.

    The Delta Cannabis Water Formula

    Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone wants to get totally baked. Some people want to maintain a bit of lucidity, perhaps because they want to reduce their anxiety in a social setting without being high. Weed water is the best way to do that because you don’t need to smoke, instead, just drink from a can (like everyone else). 

    When developing Drink Delta formulas, we had to think long and hard about the range of cannabis consumers today. Our founder and resident scientist, Jack, had a lab before starting Drink Delta. He knows a lot about the process, which informed our distinct formulas, which provide suitable cannabis products for anybody.  

    The main trick to our formula is creating the perfect balance between in our THC and CBD drinks. You will find that our ratios in the indica and sativa-infused drinks are way more balanced than any of the gummies or edibles out there, but they kick in much faster. 

    Our Delta Light recipe is perfect for those who want a mellow buzz while still being energetic. Our customers have reported that it’s just the right amount to reduce stress and anxiety while helping them to focus. Containing only 5mg THC and 1mg CBD, this infused seltzer is best for people who are curious about cannabis but don’t want to get a full-blown high. 

    Delta Cannabis Water Blood Orange is for more seasoned smokers who want to feel supremely relaxed without stinking like an ashtray. It is our premium indica drink that contains 20mg of THC live resin for a broad flavor profile and a refreshing high with 10mg of CBD for a perfect balance that helps you sleep better.

    Finally, our Delta Cannabis Water Passion Fruit is a strong and uplifting sativa drink with 20mg of THC live resin and only 2mg CBD. We are so proud that our customers appreciate how fast-acting and delicious the drink is, which is why it’s such a popular alternative to alcohol and helps people feel energized and happy without a hangover the next day. 

    We couldn’t be happier with our customer feedback and are confident you’ll love them too. If you have any questions about Drink Delta, check out our FAQs or contact our team to learn more. 

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